Great Core Exercises!

Hi guys!

As you know, I love to workout! Focusing on your core can really tighten and strengthen your abdominal muscles and back muscles.

Here are some of my favorite core exercises that are simple, fun, and don’t require the gym!

Russian Twists

Russian twists can really exercise your mid-section and workout those back muscles. First, lean back slightly. Next, raise your legs to create a 90 degree angle from the floor. If that’s a bit difficult, no problem! Keep your feet touching the ground, but keep your knees back. Then, you’re going to swing your arms from side to side while keeping your legs and core center. If you want an extra challenge, add a weight or medicine ball to your hands. Either way, you will feel your core working.

Toe TouchesĀ 

You want to work your upper abs? Toe touches do just that. The exercise is just what it sounds. First, lay down on your back. Next, lift your legs straight up into the air or how far as you can go. Then, just reach straight up for your toes. Each time you come down, don’t put your head and shoulders down. Keep your head and shoulders lifted from the ground until your set is done. If you want an extra challenge, use a weight or medicine ball to reach for your toes.


Finally, we have scissors. Scissors work out your whole core. Simply just lay down with your arms right by your sides. Then, just straighten your legs and swing them up and down without them hitting the floor. If that’s challenging, lay with elbows pressing into the floor and do the same movement. It’s the same workout.

Q: What are your favorite core exercises?

I hope you found my videos and pictures helpful! Sorry I look angry in the videos, I promise I was happy!