How To Survive The First Week of College + lil update!


It’s official! I’ve been at college for a week. I know guys I’m all grown up. Jk I’m still very immature. Honestly, it’s been a huge change. I’m basically all alone in a whole new city. I’m going to give you a few tips on how to endure one of the biggest weeks of your life. Some of them can apply to any student not just college!

1.Expect the Absolute Worst!

I know. This sounds really awful: but, trust me. You gotta have low expectations moving into college. A couple of days before moving in, I was thinking about all the changes that were about to happen. The communal bathrooms, living in tight spaces, and having zero privacy sounded terrifying. I literally youtubed all the college horror stories about the showers and what you find in them. You don’t want to know.  So, I set my standards pretty low. However, when I moved in I was pleasantly surprised! I’m in one of the newer dorm buildings, so maybe that’s why I was kind of shocked. My dorm is actually pretty big and the bathrooms were pretty good. It doesn’t mean I’ll skip the shower shoes, but hey I’ll take it! Setting low standards = possible happy turnout!

 2. Map Out Your Schedule! 

Once you know your schedule, find out where and what rooms your classes are in! It’s not going to be like in high school where you can ask teachers in the hallway. Personally, I went like 2 days before and just located what buildings and the room numbers. It saved me a lot of time the day of classes and I wasn’t stressed. Plus, you can get on your teacher’s good side!

3. Make a Schedule! 

You’re probably thinking, why do I have to make a schedule for college? In college, you have a lot of free time. But, you gotta plan the free time kind of? It’s weird. Personally, I pretty much have all morning classes so I get the rest of the day to do whatever I want. Once I get back from classes I’ll do eat, take a nap, do some work, either go to the gym or just relax, and then hang out. An internal schedule or writing it out allows you to space out activities you want and need to do.

4. Go To Campus Events! 

During the first week, there’s a lot of on-campus events to welcome freshman. Go to them. At LMU, there were so many from a pool party to pretty much a food-truck festival. It’s great way to meet people and see who’s in your graduating class.

5. Find Places of Privacy

Last but not least, it’s important to get your alone time. If you have a roomie, it’s hard to have time for yourself. I recommend finding places on campus to just breathe and call friends and family back home. For me, there are many places on campus where I can call back home and just relax for a little bit. My favorite so far is this nice cliff overlooking Los Angeles. It’s a nice way to evaluate how you’re doing.

That’s it! I hope these tips helped! I know these definitely helped me transition pretty well. Trust me, I’m still figuring it out.

Q: How do you transition from summer-mode to school?