How To Get Perfect Brows!

Perfect eyebrows can really define and accentuate your facial features! Here are some easy tips in achieving that fierce look.

1. Know What You Want 

It’s important to know what kind of eyebrow shape you want. Whether that’s round or soft-angled, it’s up to you. Personally, I love my brows to be thicker and soft-angeled. Knowing what you want makes it much easier to define those brows.

2. Shape Em Baby 

There are many techniques to shape your eyebrows. From waxing to threading, it’s up to you. If this is your first time trying anything, go for waxing. In both techniques, it is important to tell your technician what kind of brow shape you want.  Since you already know from tip #1, it should be easy. If you’re a regular go-er, ask for a simple clean. This allows your desired eyebrow shape to be intact but get more defined.  Personally, I like threading more because my brows feel more prominent at the end, but don’t go too often!

3. Pick Your Product

Now that you’ve shaped you’re brows, it’s time to pick the makeup product to add a lil color and make them bold. Many stores like Walgreens or Ulta that sell eyebrow pencils, stamps, powders, etc. Go for the pencil. It’s simple to use because it is like filling in a coloring book. Make sure you get the right color. There are usually testers in makeup stores to try on or ask an employee to help decide which shade is best for you.

The best product isn’t always the most expensive product. I’ve used $6 Walgreens eyebrow pencils that have worked far better than the $30 Anastasia products.

If you’re nervous that you can’t fill in your brows that well, try eyebrow stencils. You just press the stencil against your eyebrow, and let the pencil do the work. After you’ve found the product, it’s time to apply!

4. Apply!

After you’ve found the product, it’s time to apply! Make sure your eyebrow pencil is sharpened. This prevents dull marks. Gently trace in the lower line of your eyebrow, then the top line. Next, just fill in the middle part. Don’t overfill your eyebrows because that can make it look too bold and fake.  That’s it!

I hope these simple tips help you and your eyebrow endeavors! I want to know what are your favorite eyebrow products and how you personally do your brows. Contact me!