New Season of Bachelorette Recap!

Hi guys!

First off, I don’t even know why I watch the bachelorette or the bachelor. It’s very ridiculous, insanely fake, and teaches viewers bad values. Yet with that, it’s wildly entertaining so I tune in every week and watch the madness unfold.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, let me fill you in. The premise of the Bachelorette is very simple. Every season, a woman tries to find the man of her dreams. So, ABC (the network that produces the Bachelorette) sets her up with 20+ men and she basically dates all of them at the same time. Each week, she eliminates suitors because of “lack of connection.” At the end of it, she is supposed to find the one and get engaged. Even though, it’s been like 2 weeks but ok. It never lasts.

Anyways, this season the Bachelorette is Becca! She was engaged to Arie at the end of the Bachelor but he broke off the engagement to be with the runner-up Lauren because he still had feelings for her. Basically, that’s Becca’s storyline for this season: dumped but she’s back better than ever to find the man of her dreams! They mention every 2 seconds which very annoying!

The first week nothing really big happened. Becca met her suitors. There was this one guy dressed up as a chicken (a dig towards Arie because he was chicken to dump Becca). I think his name was David. Oh wait, there was a male model who thought he was the best thing ever. It was pretty entertaining.

The next couple of episodes, Becca continues to get to know the guys better. I don’t really pay attention to her because she’s kinda boring. The rivalry between the chicken costume guy and the male model heat up. At the cocktail party, the male model only wore boxers which really upset chicken costume guy. He thought it was unprofessional lmao and he told Becca. The male model found out and got mad. At the next group date, male model bragged about his tinder account and that he gets so many swipes. What happens next? You guessed it! Chicken costume guy tells Becca, and Becca doesn’t really seem to care. She just laughs and gives the male model a high-five. Ok?? The male model isn’t happy though, he gets all huffy-puffy and says that the chicken costume is hurting his “brand.”

Later that night, ambulances come to the mansion and apparently chicken-costume guy got seriously hurt. The show made it seem like it was the male-model who did it because of the whole fight they just showed. However, chicken-costume guy apparently fell from his bunk-bed and landed on his face. Of course, ABC made it look like it was some big thing. Sigh…

There’s a lot of petty drama on the side, but I don’t even think it’s worth writing about. Oh wait, one of Becca’s suitors had a relationship with one of her “best friends” before coming on the show. I think his name is Colton. Despite feeling uneasy, she really likes him! There are major RED flags but hey! Whatever makes good TV.

I’ll give another update in a couple of weeks about the show.

Q: Do you watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette? What are your favorite reality shows?


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