How To Survive The First Week of College + lil update!


It’s official! I’ve been at college for a week. I know guys I’m all grown up. Jk I’m still very immature. Honestly, it’s been a huge change. I’m basically all alone in a whole new city. I’m going to give you a few tips on how to endure one of the biggest weeks of your life. Some of them can apply to any student not just college!

1.Expect the Absolute Worst!

I know. This sounds really awful: but, trust me. You gotta have low expectations moving into college. A couple of days before moving in, I was thinking about all the changes that were about to happen. The communal bathrooms, living in tight spaces, and having zero privacy sounded terrifying. I literally youtubed all the college horror stories about the showers and what you find in them. You don’t want to know.  So, I set my standards pretty low. However, when I moved in I was pleasantly surprised! I’m in one of the newer dorm buildings, so maybe that’s why I was kind of shocked. My dorm is actually pretty big and the bathrooms were pretty good. It doesn’t mean I’ll skip the shower shoes, but hey I’ll take it! Setting low standards = possible happy turnout!

 2. Map Out Your Schedule! 

Once you know your schedule, find out where and what rooms your classes are in! It’s not going to be like in high school where you can ask teachers in the hallway. Personally, I went like 2 days before and just located what buildings and the room numbers. It saved me a lot of time the day of classes and I wasn’t stressed. Plus, you can get on your teacher’s good side!

3. Make a Schedule! 

You’re probably thinking, why do I have to make a schedule for college? In college, you have a lot of free time. But, you gotta plan the free time kind of? It’s weird. Personally, I pretty much have all morning classes so I get the rest of the day to do whatever I want. Once I get back from classes I’ll do eat, take a nap, do some work, either go to the gym or just relax, and then hang out. An internal schedule or writing it out allows you to space out activities you want and need to do.

4. Go To Campus Events! 

During the first week, there’s a lot of on-campus events to welcome freshman. Go to them. At LMU, there were so many from a pool party to pretty much a food-truck festival. It’s great way to meet people and see who’s in your graduating class.

5. Find Places of Privacy

Last but not least, it’s important to get your alone time. If you have a roomie, it’s hard to have time for yourself. I recommend finding places on campus to just breathe and call friends and family back home. For me, there are many places on campus where I can call back home and just relax for a little bit. My favorite so far is this nice cliff overlooking Los Angeles. It’s a nice way to evaluate how you’re doing.

That’s it! I hope these tips helped! I know these definitely helped me transition pretty well. Trust me, I’m still figuring it out.

Q: How do you transition from summer-mode to school?





How To Not Be Bored!


I know it’s been a month since I last blogged, but I’ve been actually busy. Between working and napping, it’s been really tough. Lol.

Anyways, every summer I fall into the dreaded summer pattern: being bored. Once school is out, summer break seems so amazing. Yet, after a week later you’re bored out of your mind. It gets so bad that you actually want to go back to school or have some schedule. Fear not, here are some tips to fix it!

Get A Summer Job/Internship

This is a great way to challenge and engage your mind in whatever you’re working on.  I have a summer job and honestly it’s great! Make sure your job is something you’re actually interested in. One day, I want to work in healthcare/medicine. My job consists with data-entry and patient outreach at a medical clinic. I really like it because I’m learning the inner-workings of the clinic. By having a summer job, you get to have a planned schedule which gives your day structure. Plus, you get to grow your resume, build on leadership & teamwork skills, and get to make $$$. It’s a win-win.

Finally Do What Your Passionate About!

If you’re not about that summer work, trust me I get it, pursue one of your interests! Throughout the year, we make all kinds of excuses about not trying out one of our interests. From too busy or not really serious about it, we all say it. Summer is the perfect time to pursue it. I’ve always liked writing and wanted to start a blog. Yet, I always pushed it off throughout my senior year of high school. This summer, I just started and love doing it! Whatever it is, just do it!

Set A Schedule!

As I get older, I realize how much I like structure and a set plan. I have always hated open-ended assignments in school. Like just tell me what to do! The summer isn’t any different. For me, having schedule allows me to look-forward for whatever is next while enjoying what I’m doing now in the moment. If you’re tired of sitting on that couch watching tv, set a schedule with your favorite things to do!

That’s it! I don’t know if this actually helped but hey!

Q: What’s the typical summer day for you?


Great Core Exercises!

Hi guys!

As you know, I love to workout! Focusing on your core can really tighten and strengthen your abdominal muscles and back muscles.

Here are some of my favorite core exercises that are simple, fun, and don’t require the gym!

Russian Twists

Russian twists can really exercise your mid-section and workout those back muscles. First, lean back slightly. Next, raise your legs to create a 90 degree angle from the floor. If that’s a bit difficult, no problem! Keep your feet touching the ground, but keep your knees back. Then, you’re going to swing your arms from side to side while keeping your legs and core center. If you want an extra challenge, add a weight or medicine ball to your hands. Either way, you will feel your core working.

Toe Touches 

You want to work your upper abs? Toe touches do just that. The exercise is just what it sounds. First, lay down on your back. Next, lift your legs straight up into the air or how far as you can go. Then, just reach straight up for your toes. Each time you come down, don’t put your head and shoulders down. Keep your head and shoulders lifted from the ground until your set is done. If you want an extra challenge, use a weight or medicine ball to reach for your toes.


Finally, we have scissors. Scissors work out your whole core. Simply just lay down with your arms right by your sides. Then, just straighten your legs and swing them up and down without them hitting the floor. If that’s challenging, lay with elbows pressing into the floor and do the same movement. It’s the same workout.

Q: What are your favorite core exercises?

I hope you found my videos and pictures helpful! Sorry I look angry in the videos, I promise I was happy!


New Season of Bachelorette Recap!

Hi guys!

First off, I don’t even know why I watch the bachelorette or the bachelor. It’s very ridiculous, insanely fake, and teaches viewers bad values. Yet with that, it’s wildly entertaining so I tune in every week and watch the madness unfold.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, let me fill you in. The premise of the Bachelorette is very simple. Every season, a woman tries to find the man of her dreams. So, ABC (the network that produces the Bachelorette) sets her up with 20+ men and she basically dates all of them at the same time. Each week, she eliminates suitors because of “lack of connection.” At the end of it, she is supposed to find the one and get engaged. Even though, it’s been like 2 weeks but ok. It never lasts.

Anyways, this season the Bachelorette is Becca! She was engaged to Arie at the end of the Bachelor but he broke off the engagement to be with the runner-up Lauren because he still had feelings for her. Basically, that’s Becca’s storyline for this season: dumped but she’s back better than ever to find the man of her dreams! They mention every 2 seconds which very annoying!

The first week nothing really big happened. Becca met her suitors. There was this one guy dressed up as a chicken (a dig towards Arie because he was chicken to dump Becca). I think his name was David. Oh wait, there was a male model who thought he was the best thing ever. It was pretty entertaining.

The next couple of episodes, Becca continues to get to know the guys better. I don’t really pay attention to her because she’s kinda boring. The rivalry between the chicken costume guy and the male model heat up. At the cocktail party, the male model only wore boxers which really upset chicken costume guy. He thought it was unprofessional lmao and he told Becca. The male model found out and got mad. At the next group date, male model bragged about his tinder account and that he gets so many swipes. What happens next? You guessed it! Chicken costume guy tells Becca, and Becca doesn’t really seem to care. She just laughs and gives the male model a high-five. Ok?? The male model isn’t happy though, he gets all huffy-puffy and says that the chicken costume is hurting his “brand.”

Later that night, ambulances come to the mansion and apparently chicken-costume guy got seriously hurt. The show made it seem like it was the male-model who did it because of the whole fight they just showed. However, chicken-costume guy apparently fell from his bunk-bed and landed on his face. Of course, ABC made it look like it was some big thing. Sigh…

There’s a lot of petty drama on the side, but I don’t even think it’s worth writing about. Oh wait, one of Becca’s suitors had a relationship with one of her “best friends” before coming on the show. I think his name is Colton. Despite feeling uneasy, she really likes him! There are major RED flags but hey! Whatever makes good TV.

I’ll give another update in a couple of weeks about the show.

Q: Do you watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette? What are your favorite reality shows?


How To Get Perfect Brows!

Perfect eyebrows can really define and accentuate your facial features! Here are some easy tips in achieving that fierce look.

1. Know What You Want 

It’s important to know what kind of eyebrow shape you want. Whether that’s round or soft-angled, it’s up to you. Personally, I love my brows to be thicker and soft-angeled. Knowing what you want makes it much easier to define those brows.

2. Shape Em Baby 

There are many techniques to shape your eyebrows. From waxing to threading, it’s up to you. If this is your first time trying anything, go for waxing. In both techniques, it is important to tell your technician what kind of brow shape you want.  Since you already know from tip #1, it should be easy. If you’re a regular go-er, ask for a simple clean. This allows your desired eyebrow shape to be intact but get more defined.  Personally, I like threading more because my brows feel more prominent at the end, but don’t go too often!

3. Pick Your Product

Now that you’ve shaped you’re brows, it’s time to pick the makeup product to add a lil color and make them bold. Many stores like Walgreens or Ulta that sell eyebrow pencils, stamps, powders, etc. Go for the pencil. It’s simple to use because it is like filling in a coloring book. Make sure you get the right color. There are usually testers in makeup stores to try on or ask an employee to help decide which shade is best for you.

The best product isn’t always the most expensive product. I’ve used $6 Walgreens eyebrow pencils that have worked far better than the $30 Anastasia products.

If you’re nervous that you can’t fill in your brows that well, try eyebrow stencils. You just press the stencil against your eyebrow, and let the pencil do the work. After you’ve found the product, it’s time to apply!

4. Apply!

After you’ve found the product, it’s time to apply! Make sure your eyebrow pencil is sharpened. This prevents dull marks. Gently trace in the lower line of your eyebrow, then the top line. Next, just fill in the middle part. Don’t overfill your eyebrows because that can make it look too bold and fake.  That’s it!

I hope these simple tips help you and your eyebrow endeavors! I want to know what are your favorite eyebrow products and how you personally do your brows. Contact me!



A Lil About Me!


My name is Funmi, pronounced foo-me. I’m Nigerian-American! Years and years of substitute teachers butchering my name or not even trying and saying, “Alright I’m going to need a lot of help with this one!” Then, the whole class chimes in unison “It’s Funmi!” But hey, it’s okay because I love my name!

Here are a couple of things about me! 

  • I’m starting college in the fall at Loyola Marymount University. I’m majoring in psychology. Go lions!
  • Working out is a great energy-booster. Whether its biking or kickboxing, I love it all.
  • I don’t like Starbucks, Dunkin-Donuts all the way.
  • I love TV.  In fact, I wrote my college admission essay about visual learning and how television and movies provide a platform to engage viewers (like myself) to learn a plethora of information. Reality TV is my go-to.
  •  My New Year’s Resolution every year is always to read more but that never seems to happen. It’s improving though. My favorite book is Girl on the Train.
  • I’m into makeup, but not over-the-top. Defining my eyebrows is a highlight of my day.

That’s it! Just a few things about me. This is the beginning of my blogging journey and I hope to immerse my readers into my world.  Thanks!